4th Street: Temporary Bridge Deck Now Open


The temporary bridge deck over Virginia Avenue at the intersection with 4th Street, S.E. is now open to vehicle and bicycle traffic. A separate bridge is in place on the east side of 4th Street for pedestrian use. A second pedestrian bridge will be constructed on the west side of the intersection as construction progresses.
The bridge deck will allow 4th Street traffic to continue flowing through this intersection while the CSX team excavates beneath Virginia Avenue for construction of the new tunnel.
Residents of the 300 block of Virginia Avenue who wish to exit to the east now must use the temporary driveway that connects 4th Street to the alley behind the Capitol Quarter townhomes. Entry to the Capitol Quarter alley is from 3rd Street only; residents can also exit to 3rd Street. These plans were initially announced in December. Weather and other factors have prevented the bridge from opening sooner.


Friday, March 4, 2016